If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done

You must be the change you want to see in the world



Horses And Youth

Positive Choices.  Violence Prevention.  Victim Impact Awareness.  Communication Skills.  Emotional Integrity.  Anger Management.  Self-Image.  Self-Worth.  Empathy.  Relationship Skills.  Teamwork.  Leadership.  Responsibility. 

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Horses Offer Practical Experience

Professional Development.  Self Care.  Vicarious Trauma.  Post Traumatic Stress.  Leadership, Management and Team Building.  Burn-out.  Coping Skills. 

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Horses:  Experiential Learning Programs

Personal Development.   Emotional Healing.   Overcoming Addiction, Trauma and Abuse.   Self-Discovery.   Mindfulness and Meditation.  From Victim to Survivor.   Self-Worth.  Life Patterns. 

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Harmony with Horses

About Us

Harmony with Horses is owned and operated by Tricia Rudy, a Certified FEEL Facilitator, at Dogwood Farm.  Located about an hour northeast of the G.T.A., at the end of a private road, you will find a sanctuary where nature surrounds you with clean air, clean light;  where the only sounds you will hear are the birds, the frogs, and the occasional howling coyote.  It is a place to get unplugged, be still, and remember who you are.

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News & Events


Our clients share their experience:

Horses have the incredible ability to display their amazing understanding of what humans feel!

I’ve been around horses for the majority of my life...but never have I experienced it in such a way as I did during the FEEL sessions at Harmony with Horses.

Horses never lie. They are completely tuned into energy, and apples and carrots, too, I suppose.