About FEEL

FEEL = Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Horses teach us to use our emotions as information, to receive the message the emotion has for us, respond appropriately and move past it and back into balance.

The basic principle of FEEL is that horses can teach us how to listen to the messages our bodies are sending us.  Information from our heart brain and our gut brain is communicated through our emotions.  If we are not being authentic with our emotions, our lives will be out of balance.  Horses recognize that incongruence and mirror it back to us.   By shining a light on where we are out of balance, they can lead us back to our authenticity.   Horses help us get out of our heads, shift our focus from the past or the future and come back into the present moment, the now, and engage all of our senses.  In other words, to become more horse-like in the way in which we move about our daily lives.  

FEEL is based on a series of simple exercises done with a horse or horses, from the ground, in a safe and supportive way.   The exercises are flexible by nature and can be adapted for many situations in order to facilitate the learning.  No previous horse experience is necessary or required. 

A Certified FEEL Facilitator is the go-between who reads the information the horse is sending and translates it back to the client.   They hold the space for the interaction, supporting the client through the process.  

When coupled with a clinical therapist, these exercises can accelerate insight, create opportunities to experience shifts in perceptions, relieve anxiety, develop coping strategies and restore self esteem and self-acceptance.  Intellectual concepts are grounded in the body through the physical experience of the exercises.  New neuro pathways can be created.

When coupled with an educator, FEEL is an exciting and engaging way to teach people about their feelings, how to express them, effective communication – verbal and non-verbal - boundary setting, teamwork, coping strategies, and self-esteem and a lot more.

Because of its flexibility the method is malleable to suit different learning styles, objectives and intensities.   We have only begun to see the immediate and lasting results of what the horses have to teach us.