Horses And Youth

Positive Choices.  Violence Prevention.  Victim Impact Awareness.  Communication Skills.  Emotional Integrity.  Anger Management.  Self-Image.  Self-Worth.  Empathy.  Relationship Skills.  Teamwork.  Leadership.  Responsibility. 

Research continues to show that horses can have a positive impact on the social development of our youth.   Our HAY programs create opportunities to engage young people in learning about verbal and non-verbal communication, healthy expression of emotions, social connections and relationships and so much more, in fun, innovative and unique ways. 

HAY Programs are designed specifically to address the issues faced by adolescents.   Individual sessions are tailored to the specific needs identified for an individual.  Group sessions are designed to have a broader impact on the healthy development of communication skills, emotional integrity, empathy, and building healthy relationships. 

Customized programs are available for Youth at Risk and may qualify under the Youth Justice Committee, Extrajudicial Sanctions program.  We are pleased to work with Guidance Counselors, Youth Probation Officers, Social Workers, or parents of adolescent teenagers to customize a program to suit your circumstances. 

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS:   Harmony with Horses is a Non-Profit organization.  We may qualify as a placement for students to fulfill their community service hours here on the farm while at the same time enjoying the many benefits of working in nature, on a farm and around our horses.   If we meet the criteria required for your program, please contact us for an application and to be put on our waiting list of students.   Duties and responsibilities include general farm work:  grass cutting, fence row maintenance, manure and yard cleanup, wood stacking, and for those who qualify, horse care, grooming and feeding.  


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