Horses:  Experiential Learning Programs

Personal Development.   Emotional Healing.   Overcoming Addiction, Trauma and Abuse.   Self-Discovery.   Mindfulness and Meditation.  From Victim to Survivor.   Self-Worth.  Life Patterns. 

Experiential Learning is an emerging modality for emotional healing, self discovery, and effecting real and lasting positive changes in our beliefs about ourselves and how we move about in the world.  Traditional Talk Therapy uses our language-and-reasoning-based left brain while Experiential Learning focuses on our feeling-and-intuition-based right brain and our bodies, particularly learning how to use our heart brain and our gut brain.  See HeartMath and GutBrain.

Feeling and intuition, gut and heart; this is the realm of horses and they are Masters.   Harmony with Horses provides a safe and confidential environment for you to explore and grow and learn about yourself, with a little help from the Harmony Herd.   One of the biggest benefits to Experiential Learning is that the lessons are grounded in your body.  Immediately transforming the energy of your being, you will FEEL the shift in your thinking and change the way you view yourself and your world. 

Tricia Rudy's own story is one of adversity, challenges, difficult situations and struggles.  Her personal journey out of a life of darkness and fear and into the joy of finding her own passion and living her dream will inspire and energize anyone.   Her compassion and empathy runs deep, and she shares her wisdom willingly.  She is a living example of the transformation that is possible, if you're willing, and you ask the Harmony Herd to show you the way.

We offer private individual sessions, couples sessions and group sessions customized to the specific needs of our clients.  Whatever you are going through, we can HELP.

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