Horses hear the voice of your heart

Horses never lie. They are completely tuned into energy, and apples and carrots, too, I suppose.

By khursheed

Monday, August 11th, 2014

I had the most wonderful day at a horse farm yesterday. My friend introduced me to a wonderful woman Tricia, the owner, who is just completing her course in equine therapy. It is a therapy based around the fact that horses are completely in the moment and sense everything that we are feeling and respond to us. Ever been on that horse that won’t move or listen to you, or just keeps grazing as if you were not there?

To cut a long story short, I had already done an energy meditation off the cuff, with my friends, as I am confident in this arena. Years of practice. Then I heard the words, “would you like to experience a session in FEEL?” I smile thinking about it now, but I remember we were standing around the horses, I had just received beautiful horse breath in my face as a rare gift to a stranger, and my first thought was, “Nah, I’m good.” T. very gently encouraged me, and I knew I was nervous. She said she felt that it was Gryphon that I would work with.

I could feel all my insecurities come to the fore and that inner voice having a “doubt” moment. You can fool humans some of the time, but not horses. Did I really have the ability to be authentic and true? Could I really open my heart and form a heart connection? Would I be outed as a fraud? When Tricia walked Gryphon over, she handed the lead to me and went to put the other horses away. He sensed my nervousness I’m sure. He was calling to his herd and was agitated. T. walked him into the ring and asked me to go to the centre; and the only task I had was to get him to allow me to touch his shoulder. She took his halter off. He could move anywhere. No pressure! As I walked into the ring I heard my inner voice. “I should be able to do this. What if I can’t? What if I don’t do it right?” And then after allowing that little voice to have its say, I walked my walk and I went to the “I can do this” voice. I used all the tools that I have worked with myself; and taught my clients. I grounded and centred (processes I teach) and by intent, I opened my heart. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to approach Gryphon or wait for him to come to me so, instead of standing there assuming or feeling I should know, I asked. I was told to do whatever I felt moved to do, and that I could approach him if he would let me. All this was a matter of two or three minutes. When I felt my heart expand enough I walked around towards his front, spoke from my heart to his, and reached out and touched his shoulder. He heard the true voice of my heart right away! I can’t tell you the joy and glory and honour I felt when he stood there and did not move away. He heard the voice of authenticity in my heart and that made my heart expand even more. Oh if only we would do that as humans.

Once the heart connection was made, it was easy. I was able to rub his ears and head and after a while we were both playing. He was tossing his head under my arm and we were in sync. In the debrief with T. afterwards, she told me that Gryphon had been abused and very emotionally wounded before he came to the farm, and was very sensitive so the connection was indeed a victory.  I guess we all need validation and feedback.  Why do we not trust our abilities when we have worked so hard to get to where we are?

I realised that the self-doubt I had in starting to approach Gryphon played out in other parts of my life. I do have trouble starting projects, especially reports. I think the “I have to do it perfectly” mantra still has a little voice even now. What I learned from Gryphon was that I didn’t need to struggle or push or  manipulate to get him to accept me. All I needed to do was to breathe, centre my energy, which I have practised over many years, and open my heart chakra (More at my workshop in Queensville) 

It took all of maybe five minutes to go from doubt to moving forward. As some of my readers who are clients know, the work is powerful. Once I had trusted that I knew how to be open hearted, Gryphon and I walked together in Unison. There was no pushing or pulling. He walked beside me as if he continued to hear me. I just had to think “move forwards and go in” and he did that. Perhaps if we approach all tasks and people from that grounded and centred place and an open heart? Once that connection is made, can you imagine the depth and magnitude of the communication to follow? As I write this I think of the applications for the classroom, in the boardroom, and my friends, in the bedroom.

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